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Thread: Winny Question?

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    Winny Question?

    One of my buddys had some WInny left over and was wondering if i wanted to try it. I've been lifiting for 6 years and i am 24. I wanted to know if taking just winny w/out anything else in a cycle would be beneficial? And would it have any side effects taking it along with an andro and or creatine.

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    no, it wouldnt, winny is best used to maintain muscle while dieting and should ALWAYS be run along with other forms of gear. if ytou want something light try a test only cycle....MM

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    Is 'some' enough to run at 50mg/ED for 6wks? If not, IMO it won't be very effective. I agree with max in that a winny only cycle won't be beneficial. Test/winny would be better.

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