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Thread: 2nd Cycle

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    2nd Cycle

    Ok, I started last thurday with my second cycle.

    weeks 1 to 12 ..............Test Cyp250 @ 500ml per week
    1 to 12 ...................Deca200 @ 400 ml per week
    1 to 3 ....................Test Prop 150 @ 200ml per week
    1 to 4 ....................D-bol 50mg @ aprox 35mg a day

    I have Clomid for post-cycle and waiting for Armidex.

    162 lb. (now 165) / 6'3" / 9% bf / waist 31 / age: 37

    So far it's been 5 days and, since all my injectables are **'s, it hurts a little bit more than my previous cycle (Deca and TestProp)

    As of now I have gained 3lb. (Probably cause I am eating everything I find in front of me). My goal is to gain 20 - 25 lb so that at the end I can at least keep 10-15 lb.

    I took pictures of me prior starting the cycle. If I like what I see after the cycle, I will post them for your kind flaming!!!

    Thank you all for your helping me to decide what to buy for this cycle and thanks Pete for your advise.


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    looks like you could gain more than 25lbs with that cycle looking
    at your stats. good luck with the cycle

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    The Iron Game Guest
    especially considering since you are going to be using all those steroids and at those 500ml/ week doses

    Good luck

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    Iron Game,

    Do you think I am using too many steroids together? :|


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