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Thread: fake gear.

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    fake gear.

    i noticed that the exp date and lote # are printed the same way everything else is. it is not stamped, on a bottle of maxigan EQ 50, and a bolttle of QV enanthate 250 the QV is an amazing fake if the date being printed and not stamped means fake. they both have good looking holigrams, the qv seems so perfect, but i'm assuming its ****anyway im very tired and need to go to bed thanks

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    ridin dirty
    on the hologram, look at where it says QV, Do the Q and the V strech out across the entire word, or do they stop short, because if they go across the entire word, then its fake.......anybody else with ideas?

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    post a pick and I think almost anyone on the board will be able to tell if its a fake. Also look under the manufactures part of the board and compare to the picks there.

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