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    Need advice on a cutting cycle...

    Now this IS actually for my friend, he doesn't have constant access to a computer, so he asked me to post. He is 23 years old, about 5'6 and 205lbs bd 13%, so he is very musculear. He has been lifitng hard for 5 years, and can now put up some serious weight. (400 bench, 155 bicep curls) and has done this all naturally. He wants to get shredded to about 7-8% bf. His plan is to base is cycle off of EQ, but needs some advice on what to add to it. ANy suggestions?

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    If this is his first cycle the a Test/EQ would be fine......... He can use Prop but he would then need to do injections at minimum EOD or he can use Enan or Cyp and inject 2x a week or E3D.

    This will give him less bloat
    1 - 15 Prop 75mg ED
    1 - 12 EQ 500mg E3D or 2x a week
    1 - 15 L-dex .5 ED
    Start PCT 3 days after last prop injection


    This cycle will bloat him a bit but will go away
    1 - 13 Enan 500mg E3D or 2x a week
    1 - 12 EQ 500mg E3D or 2x a week
    1 - 15 L-dex .5 ED
    Start PCT 2 weeks after last Enan injection

    Day 1 300mg Clomid / 20mg Nolva
    Day 2 - 21 100mg Clomid / 20mg Nolva
    Day 22 - 28 20mg Nolva

    Diet and cardio will be key if he's looking to shred body fat with either of those cycles

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