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Thread: New Cycle

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    New Cycle

    I was going to try a new cycle, last time i did sust 250 for 6 weeks b/c i got sick plus dbol 30mgs for 5 weeks. but gained alot of mass probably b/c it was my first time

    Now I wanted to try D-bol 30mgs/day for 4 weeks
    Sust 250/week for 8 weeks,

    but was thinking of adding something in at the end to try and keep most of the size, clomid will also be taken,

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    since you see gains with low doses i would say get 15cc's and take one every five days with the dbol . as long as you take the
    clomid you should keep most of it. good luck

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    why would you do sus again if it made you sick,try cyp its cheaper and just as effective.
    it usually comes in 200mg/ml,400-600mg wk,with deca @400mg wk,dbol 40-50mg 1st 4-5 wks =baloon boy hehehe,
    after test and deca are done test prop @100mg ed for 3 wks.
    its a short lasting ester and you can begin clomid 3 days after,not 3 wks.then you will keep more of what you gained

    oh and by the way welcome to the board bro

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