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    When to take enan/eq combo

    I'm starting a cycle which is 10wks 500mg enanthate and 400mg eq. with 50 mg proviron . I'm planning on injecting half Thurs. and half Tues, but I've heard some people like to inject the eq every other day. What the consensus?


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    E3D would be best for both but you can go Tues and Thurs.

    You will want to exten the cycle to 12 weeks....... EQ needs that much to see results

    The weeks should look like this:
    1 - 13 Enan
    1 - 12 EQ
    1 - 15 Proviron

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    More frequent injections are always better, but not at all necessary. I mean, the EQ has a longer ester than teh Test Enanthate , so theoretically, you'd get more benefit from injecting the Test EoD than you would from EoD with the EQ.

    I believe the purpose to EoD or ED EQ injections was the low concentrations previously available.

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    I always run everything EOD, no matter what the ester or drug. I find this leads to much better blood levels and better results. Currently, I'm running 200mg Test E and 100mg Tren EOD, and loving it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by N4cer
    I believe the purpose to EoD or ED EQ injections was the low concentrations previously available.
    Exactly, most old eq came in 50mg/ml or at most 100mg/ml. Now most is 200 and even up to 400/ml. Also, enanthate should be injected every 4th day so It would probably be more feasable for you to inject on a mon/thurs schedule. I remember reading that some where so don't quote me on it for sure though.

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    i've even seen PAINLESS 500 mg/ml eq. My guess is they just found a solvent that it's really compatible with.. probably BB if i had to guess because of the low pain.

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