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    what about this stack

    I was talking to a buddy of mine the other day and he said that he might have a solution to my stack problem.

    the problem is that I am still trying to find something to stack with a 12 week test and 6week fina program.

    he said that with a 12 week test what he did was go 1st 3 weeks on D-bol/6 weeks on Deca /and then the last 3 weeks on Winny
    he never gave me the dosages so I really don't know how much of what he took-he is a big bastard though-pushing 300lbs mostly muscle. Then again I have not developed the tolerance that he has...I am 6ft 210lbs at 9%bodyfat-he has been going longer than me though we are the same age. He also did not have any fina thrown in there neither.

    as of now I plan on 12 weeks test (hopefully en.)-250mg 2x a week
    6 weeks of fina (starting the 3rd week of the test cycle)-75mg ED
    and I still need something else to stack with it
    any advice?

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    i would say deca for mass atleast 10weeks or eq for cuts 10weeks
    also and i would start the fina at week 7 so that it ends a week
    after the test and it will be almost out of you system.
    good luck

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    take deca 200-600mg week,d-bol 30-40mg day ,t.propionate 300-400 week!Also add some clomid!You can add also some winstrol too!50mg eo or eod!


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