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    Hye fellas i need help putting together a stack. I have on hand Testosterona IV L/A(sus250 loeffler) test400 (Denkall) testcyp100 (fort dodge)I also have clomid, and nolvadex . I can take deca because of college atheltics drug testing. I was thinking about gettin either EQ. I have 10 sten amps as well. I wanna put size on but more of smooth define look but not really cut nor really bulky. Any one's help will do, thanks.

    BF i dont know for sure, but i think it could be like 18%
    I have done alittle gear before
    I took Pink D-bol and Test prop

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    i would say go withthe first two weeks 750 mg sust then take 500 through out,the deca go with 500 through out the cycle and for the eq asuming that your gonna start it at tha beggining with the others since it take a while to kick in take 600 the first two weeks then go down to 400 through out.take clomid two to three weeks after last hit ,it depends on the person.split your hits spread out through the for the sten and cyp ,test is pretty much test so u can mix or whatever.

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