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    suspension tablets

    I was wondering if any of you had tried the test suspension tablets and what you thought about it. Did it work as good as injectables or not? Let me know bros. As always thanks for your help.

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    CYCLEON Guest
    well, I have been using them off and on here for a few weeks and have been getting some reasonable results - it is a pain to keep taking them every few hours tho - now I switch up with prop EOD and then much a few before workout

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    I did them for a fairly long cycle and got pretty good gains. I would not recomend them for more then 5 weeks now tho due to liver problems I got from useing them. I know what a bunch of people will say too. "Bruce says there NOT liver toxic" right? Thats bull as far as I am concerned. I have NEVER had problems with my liver till I used them and I was not useing anything but them and EQ. EQ is nto liver toxic and I had the values checked before I started. IT IS LIVER TOXIC! I proved it with results from my tests and my doctor beleives this too.

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    I am on day 11 on them. Taking 10 a day. I am going to go for 8 weeks. I hope I don't have liver probs. I am taking and have been taking 2g/d of milk thistle for over a month, so at least I am protected a bit.

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