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    Exclamation Doc Help!!! Steroids and Toprol(25mg) for rapid heart rate

    I am currently taking Toprol XL 25mg once a day for Supra Ventricular Tachycardia which is a rapid heart rate and was wondering if I could still do steroids . I have never done anything but am considering doing so in the very near future. Please respond with any info.

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    225 you have a problem with SVT or just a rapid heart rate...SVT occurs when the AV-node misfires because of irritability of atrial or AV junctional tissue... and usually last a few seconds to minutes and then the heart rate returns to normal...

    tachycardia is just a fast heart rate with no misfire or conduction dificulties unless you get into atrial tach.....(different story)...

    first....toprol xl is probably not the best choice for a rapid heart rate...the side effects are common and are: fatigue/shortness of breath/insomnia.....a better choice i believe would be a calcium channel blocker such as verapamil which doesnt have all the bad side effects...

    things that cause tachycardia may be excessive caffeine and is your intake of these substances.....

    if you want to do AAS...tell your md or cardiologist about it.....until you can find out why you have this problem, i would say leave the AAS alone.....

    you need to see a cardiologist if these problems continue....a pill to stop the symptoms is not the solution you should accept....if i were treating you, i would insist on a thalium stress test asap....and please tell me your physician at least did an EKG....later bro

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