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    1st timer

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    I'v been working out for 6 years I'm 5'11 175lbs. I'm 22 I've used protien, creatine, NO2, to bulk and efederin to cut up but have never used steroids . I want something that will give me better results. I want to find a program that will increase muscle size and then cut up. I don't want heavy side effects, tits, and I especially don't want to screw with my sexual performance or organ size. Any suggestions. I'm interested in tetosterone patches, Jel, or injection. Supposedly it increases energy sexual drive and performance, and builds and cuts. I'm just worried about becoming dependent on it. What do you think?

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    This is the place bro............ do a lot of research before using AS

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    you wont grow tits or have heavy side effects and you wont screw up yer sexual performance if you do everything properly. its not as simple as sticking a needle in you. search for PCT, nolva, clomid, liquidex, and test enath or cyp

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