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    I've got some propecia I've been wanting to use. Will it **** with my cycle or should there be no problems???

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    it will take a few months on propecia to notice any results, I have been on for 15 months, nothing happened first 2 months, 3rd month lost a sh*t load of hair, 4-15 hair stopped falling out as much as it was, infact I have regrown some on 22yrs old, not really bald at all, just started taking the propecia as soon as i noticed more hair than "normal" falling out in the shower.

    From what I read propecia will help in any cycle containing a test., however if you are running deca , you would prolly be better off not starting it at all (deca-propecia conflict).

    You gotta understand that once you decide to start taking propecia you have to continue taking it indefinitly for it to work...if you take it for 6 months and stop, more than likely you will lose all the hair you gain/maintained because of it.

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    Agreed. You should make it a daily habit if you have male pattern baldness. But, if you take it 14 days prior to your cycle you will reach maximum DHT inhibition of aroung 70%. The benefits will take months to be seen but you should have protection from any test cycle.

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