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    Cycle Duration Question

    just wanted to know whats the longest cycle u have done and where u making gains throughtout. here's some info i am in my 12 th wk i would say i am up 20 lbs from 200 mark. most of these gains came early first month. started cycle with 500-750 mg sust plus insulin . right now just starting dbol 20-30 day plus 200mg deca every 2wks for shoulder still using sust at 500mg wk plus insulin mostly just post w/o 10 iu's. my bodyfats low 9-10 % and my diet consist's of 6-7 meals 250+ prot carbs not sure but 500+ is ballpark. I just started the dbol and insulin again would my receptors be soaked or have any of u seen gains late in the cycle or cycles u have done in the past............ plz reply thnx

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    that sounds pretty chaotic bro. whats your cycle history and age?

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