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    dbol is effective till when

    2nd cycle first with dbol
    1-4 dbol 35mg
    1-12 deca 400
    1-12 test 600
    since dbol is so strong and fast acting u dont know effective the other gear is until dbol is out of the picture.
    finished dbol 4 days ago was curious on how effective the deca and test r dbol controls the first 4 weeks, but how long before completely out of your system?
    this way i know that the effects i am feeling r from the deca and test not the left over dbol

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    Dbol is already out of your system because its half life is only about 4.5 hours so any gains or weight you're putting on now are from the test and deca .

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    you might actually lose a little mass, but most will be water weight.
    and when the test and deca kick in you'll get some of it back.
    while the half life of dbol is 4 hours, the results will last up to 7-10 days post. it dosent just all go away in 4 hours.......

    peace I4L

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