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    pre-cycle cutting...clen

    I am 21, 6'0, 195lbs and about 11% bodyfat. I am looking to do my first cycle, probably enathate with EQ, but I want to cut up first so that I will have less to do later, and so that I will look better while i'm on. I was thinking about doing Animal Cuts (now available only without ephedra). Does anyone know how well this will works? Or I was thinking of doing clenbuterol since I've read that it is a good fat-burner, as well as mildly anabolic . Currently I am not doing any cardio, I'm just trying to get as big as I can naturally. But when i decide to cut up, I will do something like 20min of cardio 3x per week. Any input on Animal Cuts or on the clen idea would be much appreciated.

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    I do not worry about cutting in before, you are doind a bulking cycle it is ok to have some fat. Cut after your cycle.

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    11% bf isnt bad.

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