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    hey guys, i need some advice, if u havent heard around the sports world they r starting to test in the qmjhl, so i need a way to pass the steroid test, all i have been taking is a cycle of tren by itself, n i took A50s in the summer which iam sure iam clear of just that i got off the tren about a week ago, n they r doing random drug testing, so if anyone could help me find a way to pass this test, other wise my career is over so i need some advice, thanks anyone 4 the advice

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    tren clears from ur system in less than a week. u should be fine. just stay clean !

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    why is it a week? everywhere you read it says up to 5 months..

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    Quote Originally Posted by MAGNUS
    why is it a week? everywhere you read it says up to 5 months..
    yeah i read it somewhere that it was something like 5 months too...def dont think tren clears in a week??

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