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    Steroids and Hairs tests

    Ok guys here's my situation. I'm starting a new career and in July i will be going into training. Now i took a 4 week cycle of deca durabolin and Finaject from July to mid-August. Right now I'm on an 8 week cycle of test.prop. which will end my the beginning of january. Now the test is not a piss test but its a hair test. I shouldnt be getting a hair test until about May and June the latest or so hypothetically. Now it will have been about 9 or so months since i did the deca cycle. But remember it lasted only 4 weeks. My friend says test prop leaves the system rather quickly so i wont have to worry about that. But is he wrong?? And am I going to have to worry about the deca as well??

    Thanks brothers

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    If you are gettin a hair test you have nothing to worry about..also many companies only test for rec. drugs...a roid test is very pricey so usually it's left to the sports teams.

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    Finaject? I thought that has been gone for a few years now...

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    Check your PM

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