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    whinny question?

    i am about to start my second cycle of test 400 and deca 300 in jan. i want to gain as much weight and muscle mass as posssible while on the cycle. but after the cycle i want to loose as much fat as possible and make my muscles as firm as possible. i hoped whiiny would help me do this. when should i start my cycle of whinny? at the very end or about mid way through?

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    About mid way thru, I ususally run it the last 4 weeks with everything else till two weeks after. Post your cycle so we can critique it.

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    Run the winny from 6wks before starting your PCT at 50mg/ED.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 01dragonslayer
    Run the winny from 6wks before starting your PCT at 50mg/ED.

    Yep.... to see results from winny run it 6 weeks at 50mg ED.........

    Example cycle with winny

    1 - 11 Enan
    1 - 10 Deca
    8 - 13 Winny
    Start PCT 1 day after last winny dose

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