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    Question anavar,Dbol stack???

    Hi this is my first post on this website. Ive read alot from it and gotten alot of info. Ive never used AS before but want to try my first cycle. Im 5'8" 165lbs 20 yrs old. Ive lifted consistantly since i was 17. Im looking for a cycle that works quick. Im enlisted in the U.S. Navy. My ship dfate was just pushed from may to january 27th. I know id be able to make it through basic without AS since im in pretty good shape right now. I just want to be in the best shape i can be. I live in Ohio and the only gwear i can find is anavar and dbol . I dont know where to get anything else and im to scared to try to order it off the internet or from somebody i dont know. I was thinking of stacking them. I know itll be hard on my liver but i cant find anything else. i wont drink while im on em, is there anything i can take that would help my liver? any input would be great, thanks

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    1 if u are shipping out for the navy in january then dont even bother cycling now period. not enough time.

    2. anavar and d-bol is the worst stack i have heard of yet (next to winny and anadrol ). seriously. in all honestly bro u will not keep too many of ur gains from d-bol. u need a testosterone . and with a test and proper cycle u would need a minimum of 8 weeks imho.

    haste makes waste! dont rush. go to the navy, do a good job there, come back and we'll set u up with something !

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    I agree with GUN. That cycle or proposed cycle is horrible. AS is not something you can rush into. Taking 2 orals will put a damper on your liver. You will lose all your gains (if any) that you will get.

    Stay natural for now and make us all proud!

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