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    I cant find any info about the effects that alcohol could have on your liver and body while on a cycle. I'm assuming that alcohol would be extremely hard on the liver while taking dbol or winny. any info would be great

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    those two are hard on the liver as it is...adding alcohol is not a smart idea bro

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    any AA17 anabolic will change your liver values, Alcohol will do the same. The two together is not a good choice.

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    1-2 drinks here and there won't hurt you. i'll snort a couple to get to sleep...just don't get carried away

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    1-2 drinks wont do any harm but dont get carried away and do it often...not only is it hard on ur liver while on or off ass, but it will def negatively effect ur workouts...i do not drink while on cycle though..if ur puttin that much time, money and effort into everything else that accompanies a cycle I want to be able to make it the best I can which includes staying away from alcohol...jmo though peace

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    I have a few drinks on the weekend, sometimes even take a few milk thistles before doing so. I never drink to the point of achieving a hangover while on AS though.

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    I enjoy a couple of beers - and I really do mean just a couple - almost every night of the week. I just to-day had my last shot of a Test' only cycle and I kept having my regular couple of cool ones after work throughout this whole cycle.

    Wether or not some of the other injectables stress the liver more than Test' I don't really know, but IMHO Doublevision is on the right tram - don't get pissed during any cycle.

    That said, my next cycle (only 8 weeks to go, can't friggin' wait ), well it will include some Var' so I will be doing research about having any beers at all whilst including orals in a cycle.

    Just as an aside there is a good old story from the turn of last century about an armwrestling team from a brewery in Tasmania (Australia). They were seriously successful, and remained undefeated champions for many years - and of course their diet included a couple of pints of the Brewery's finest each night!

    All good things in moderation...

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