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    Question first cycle - deca sust

    how does this look for a first cycle?

    10 WEEKS
    Deca 400mg
    Sust 400mg
    Nolva 10mg ED

    Day 1: 300mg clomid
    Day 2-11: 100mg ED clomid
    Day 12-21: 50mg ED clomid

    All comments and advice will be much appreciated because im a newbie to this stuff.... also my source asked me to send money to an address and then he would send me the this the scammers way or the usual way to go about this stuff?


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    Need stats... age, weight, height, years training

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    yea bro give us some stats...

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    also test-e better to run than sus....
    test should be higer than deca .....test @500 deca @400...

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    6ft 1, 200lbs, 10% bodyfat, 21 y/o, training for 3 years

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    i agree........

    sust needs to be shot at least eod(imho), and 400mg of test enan is the ticket for a 1st timer. you can split the 400mg up into 2 injections a week, along with the deca , and save yourself some sticking time.
    make sure to rotate your injection sites too bro, dont hit the same spot over and over.

    as for sending the money 1st............this is s.o.p. so if you used a reputable source, you should be fine.

    peace I4L

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