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    Does anyone here know for a fact, that they have had gyno from tren?

    im just curious. im trying to prepare for an upcoming cycle and im wondering if i need to get some bromo and how often do i need to take it? and also, do you run it all the way through, or just at the signs of the dreaded tren gyno. is there anything else that can fight off tren gyno? any and all help much appreciated.

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    Get some Bromo bro, Tren gyno is definately real, I had it the first time I ran the stuff. It was scary because my nolva and liquidex wasn't doing ****, luckily, the acetate ester is a short acting one, so all I had to do was drop the dosage and after about 3 days it went away. But, I would definately suggest getting your hands on some bromo before running the tren.



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    RU-486 the aborition pill... good luck finding that

    i heard winny helps

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