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    Denkall TEST 400

    Some wisdom and comments would be nice regarding this product. I have obtained one bottle of this product, and was wanting to get an opinion on its effectiveness. I am planning a stack to include 20cc of EQ and (my thinking is) 10cc of TEST 400 over 10 weeks. I have the cycle planned out more detailed of course. There is also going to be Winni V in there a few weeks into this thing. Comments are welcome, so is advice. I failed to mention the EQ is 200 mg per.


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    I think you would be better with just Test Enth or Test Cyp IMO. When I first heard of T400 I thought it sounded great, 400mgs of Test per ml what an idea!. But when I learned more about it, I thought it was very over hyped. What T400 is, is a blend of 3 tests. At first glance you would think it's great but, two of the three tests are Enth and Cyp ( the other is Prop). This is actually kind of pointless in my opinion, because enth and cyp are so very similar, that it makes no sense to mix them together. Also this T400 is blended with alchohol ( I think this is so the test's mix togther but i'm sure of the technical reason) which makes it very irritating to inject and, much more painful than anyother test. So like I said, I think regular enth or cyp is the way to go.

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    It don't hurt any. Just like sex.....jab hard, jab deep and jab often.

    Gee, I don't know what the big deal is about it hurtin. I thought pumpers liked pain....No pain...No gain. A little pain never hurt anybody.

    I like Test 400.


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    i was very pleased with the gains from the denkal t-400. it does hurt. some spots more then others. legs hobbled me. try mixing it with the eq, it reduces the pain slightly. to me it never hurt going in, but for the next three to four days the pain was brutal. you will get used to it.and 10 weeks is not that long. also, the vial is underdosed. one 10ml bottle will not last you 10 weeks, 8 weeks tops. get a second bottle before you start. i went threw four of them and i was practically squeezing the bottle for the last drops.

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    I think T400 is a great product, it is very painful to use like others have said. I would recomend frequent, small shot's. Pull up a 1/2 cc of the T400 with a full cc of the EQ and it will not be that bad.

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    dont make the same mistake i made...DO NOT inject test 400 in your shoulders. you won't be able to train chest, shoulders, arms, or back for at least 4-5 days after the injection.

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    I like ddrew's idea because that's what I did except the eq. I was doing 1/2cc eod with 50mg A-50 ed for the first 4 weeks. I enjoyed it. Even the pain...eventually. It hurts, some places more then others. I didn't cut it with anything so I don't know how much that cut's the pain. Avoid bi shots with it because it can have a slight swelling effect on the muscle. Accompanied by a nice half dollar size red spot. Happy growin'!

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    i used t400 mixed with eq and had great results with no pain.But i would def. take it at least 3 times a wk. or eod.

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    T-400 is not even close to being the most painful test. Test suspension is 100x more painful then T-400. Also cut the T-400 with something and it will be almost painless. I am useing EQ with it 2x a week.

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