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    i just want to say thanks.......

    i think just now i noticed that this site doesn't have any pop-up windows. 99.9% of the websites i go to on the web have them, and i want to kill something because when you are tryin to click or type in your password, a fcuking pop-up comes up. SO I JUST WANTED TO SAY THANK YOU TO AR for not having any pop-up's on their site.

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    Haha yeah i know the feeling bro
    u get kinda pissed off

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    Quote Originally Posted by Latin
    Haha yeah i know the feeling bro
    u get kinda pissed off
    yeah dam right. i cant even look at fuc king porn on kazaa without 50000 internet windows flooding the dam screen everytime i press play, causing me to miss the guy blowing a bit-ches face full of the real juice(14grams of protein per average serving, 71 grams if it comes from peter north). BTW- i digress back to the actual post: thanks again AR you and everyone here is the sheeit.

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