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    what should i do

    well ive been juicin for a little while now. hittin it hard and what not. now i just got my new cycle in, and its the biggest one so far iam going to take. i have cyp,sus,d-bol,and eqp. here is what i suggest and how i should take it...sun- take cyp and sus. wed-eqp. fri- cyp by it self. and d-bol everyday.! at the gym i hear from different buddies that it sounds good, than there is a few that say different. i am just asking for some different opinons, and options on how i can put this together to get the MAX results! thanks for your help

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    You should lay it out in a way we can see it more easily..

    weeks 1-x x00 mg cyp each week
    weeks 1-x x00 mg sus each week
    weeks 1-x xx mg dbol each day


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    yeah bro give us some stats, goals, prev. cycles and than lay out your proposed cycle better so ppl can understand it and help you out.........

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