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    Injectin test E with 25g needle

    I have alot of 25g needles left over and was wondering if i could use on my next cycle
    im running
    Test E 250
    EQ 200/ml
    i wouldnt be sucking it up with 25g just injecting

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    Works for me!


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    Swellin Guest
    I'm running deca and test e from a 25g. I like the 23 a little better becaues of the speed of delivery. It seems like it takes forever with the 25, but the 23 leaves me a little bit sorer the next day.

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    i run 25g w/ test e.... yah bigger needles will allow quicker delivery but w/ quicker delivery you tend to get more sore the next day. 25g makes u take it slow.

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    i use 23g on glutes, delts, quads.
    i use 25g on biceps, triceps, pecs.

    but in the past, i've used 23g for everything, and likewise used 25g for everything...=)

    -- clocky

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