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Thread: what to do

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    what to do

    I havent used any AS in about 2 years and I want to gain good weight and maybe harden up a bit. Ive been looking at the board recently and I was looking for a good stack w/ either Deca or EQ. The 1st time I just used deca alone but Im looking for better results this time. Any suggestions?

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    most of the people on here are going to tell you that you should never do a cycle without test...

    test is the base of all cycles. maybe try

    week 1-15 500mg/week test e
    week 1-15 400mg/week deca (or eq)

    disclaimer: i've never had any experience with a cycle like that, but i know most people on here are going to tell you to do something like that...

    -- clocky

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    Swellin Guest
    Most will recommend test e. I am running test e and deca right now.

    test e 500
    deca 300

    Of course, we would need to know your stats, your experience, and your goals. Then we can point you in the right direction. First...go to the educational threads and do a bit of is amazing how much you can gain there.

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    Im about 5-5 165 lbs but I have a real tough time gaining weight except when Im on AS even though I eat a lot (mainly meat and brown rice, stuff like that.) I work out 5 days a week and Im just looking to gain solid muscle and strength and harden up some. the only prob w/ deca I have is I hate all that water retention

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    first of all never use deca alone. u can get daca dick and nobody wants that (especially the girls). test E combined with it will give you everything your looking for in my opinion

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