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    Just wondering about a 1st cycle

    What did all of you look like before cycling? I've been working out for a year and a half with a good diet and I've seen pretty good results, wouldn't mind being a little more cut. Was thinking of trying a cycle, but I don't want to blow up then lose it, seems like a waste of cash, and I also don't wanna get hooked on it, because I'm not the richest person in the world. Any advice?
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    u need to do some research friend !

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    If all your looking for is more cuts, do you really feel it's necessary to cycle

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    If you wanna be cut the cycle is free, X # number of weeks of good dieting and cardio 4% or so bodyfat is attainable gear free, with proper PCT you wouldn't loss all your gains...meatheads who don't do proper research get swole then tiny and look like jackasses in the end.

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    I was 160lbs when i started working out at 16 yrs old, I hit my growth spirt from like 17-19 i gained 50lbs and like 2 inches... I was big, but kinda fat, and then when i felt like i hit a plateau i juiced when i was 21 and now i've been 230-250lbs depending if i'm on or off cycle... Relatively low BF%, depending on my goals, but i'm not hooked on sauce, if you have a weak mind, you will end up being a junkie... but its all up to you...

    For cuts, just have a clean diet and train... it isn't that difficult.

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