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Thread: winny needles

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    winny needles

    I just bought 20cc's of winstrol and was wondering which needles would be ideal. I was told to inject once every two days. Please respond with needle type and when to inject. thank you

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    Swellin Guest
    A good friend of mine uses 26g 1" or even 5/8" pins, and hits his delts with it ED.

    My joints don't want me to give winny a try. They creak without it.

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    i used 22g to draw it. . .and injected in delts with 25g 5/8. . .. i had QV and that stuff was thick. . .got stuck in the needle so had to push hard!. .overall, i hated winny. . .too much pain in the muscle after injection and joint pain was terrible....

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