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    Question Did Aromasin affect your libido?

    I thought about using Aromasin on my next cutting cycle. Well Arimidex affects my libido some. And Famera kills my libido. So i was wondering if Aromasin will kill my libido just like Famera does.

    Does any that has experienced loss in libido from Famera tried Aromosin, and how did it affect you?

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    I have yet to try exemestane, but the few people I asked have told me their libido suffered from letro, but not the exemest. But right now I think it's still too new to know for sure. It's also supposed to be better on your lipid profiles as well.

    Letro kills my libido as well, which is why I asked them this.

    Next time around, I'd like to try it.

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    I was using femara on my enanth cycle and it killed any sexual drive the enanth was supposed to bring on, so i stopped it and switched to prop and all was good!! No femara..unless needed.


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    No Aromasin is not the libido killer that letro is. I switched from Letro to Aromasin and my libido was back in two weeks.

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    No problems here. Ives used it numberous times.

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