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    Will this work? Need Help !

    Here is what I have.... All I could

    13 - 250 mg of redi ject sostenon

    60 tabs of clomid 50 mgs
    30 tabs ob nolva - 10 mgs
    15 additional tabs of nolve 20 mgs

    Can I get someones advice on how to work with this sos and should I taper... some say do and some say dont.

    This is my first cycle.

    Stats are
    Age 25
    Weight 195
    High B/F 18/20% but want to start in late Jan. so will be trying to loose some bf.

    Been working out for about a year and half, have decent shape but have a bit of a gut.

    Any advice you guys can give will help,



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    I would wait, you need atleast enough to go for 10 weeks. I would do 1cc on mon & 1 cc on thurs. So you will need 20cc Total.

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    i agree with Huge save those until you can get more. you need to drop more bf anyway before you start your cycle!

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    jepp...... you need more..

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    I have read some guy have got nice gains off of 250 mgs a week of sus..

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