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    Question 2nd cycle help more info this time!! plz READ

    I am 6'2 195 and worked out for a year naturally before i did my first cycle of Deca Test and d bol but caught pheumonia week 7 of my 10 week cycle and tore muscles in my back and stomach from caughin etc. i am now over that and have been working out for 3 months 2 months 6 days a week. i am 20 years old and now u have more information about myself can u give me advice on this cycle.

    wk 1-5 test 600 mgs
    wk 6-10 test 800 mgs
    wk 1-4 d bol 25 mgs a day
    wk wk 7-10 15 mgs Halotestin (not sure about this need help?????)
    wk 1-10 25 mg m/w/f/sun (wondering if i should bump up to 50mg m/w/f/s or 25 mg everday)

    Thank you

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    Bro you're too young wait a few years

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    One year is nowhere near enough time to reach even somewhat of your potential esp. at that age

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