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Thread: 3rd cycle

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    3rd cycle

    just a quick question for u more experienced getting ready to start my 3rd cycle..i am planning on 30mg dbol /wk for 5wks, 500mg omnadren /wk for 12 wks, and 300mg eq/wk for 11 wks...i was wondering if i should start all 3 at the same time or if i could do the 5wks of dbol first then switch to the injections..ive used all 3 compounds in the past but not together and saw good results..this will be my 3rd cycle in about a 15 month period and had trained hard about 5 yrs before starting my first cycle.. any input on this cycle would be much appreciated..

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    Sounds like a good cycle bro. Best i could suggest would be to time the esters so they clear your system near the same time. Heres a link

    Good luck bro and let us know how it goes

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    week 1-4 dbol 35mgs
    week 1-12 omna 750
    week 1-11 eq 400mgs

    You should look to switch the omna for a single ester like Test E or C

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    i'm with MB.........

    try to switch the esters up if you can. otherwise, it looks good.

    peace I4L

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    thanks for the input...that link was very informative.

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