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Thread: Cycle Analysis

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    Cycle Analysis

    One of my buddies e-mailed me the following cycle. He's a pretty experienced lifter and juicer. He didn't ask for my advice, but I'm just curious what you guys all think of this "beast" of a cycle. Thanks gents.

    1. 800mg test / 50mg d-bol Ed
    2. 800mg test / 4 stenox tabs Ed
    3. 600mg test / 200 mg Deca / 4 stenox Ed
    4. 800mg test / 4 stenox Ed
    5. 600mg test / 200mg Deca
    6. 800mg test / 200mg Deca
    7. 600mg test
    8. 800mg test / 200mg Deca / 250mg Boldenon
    9. 600mg test / 350mg Boldenon / 300mg Tren
    10.800mg test / 350mg Boldenon / 225mg Tren
    11.600mg test / 350mg Boldenon / 200mg Deca / 300mg Tren
    12.200mg test / 350mg Boldenon / 200mg Deca/ 225mg Tren
    13.350mg Boldenon / 300mg Tren
    14.200mg Boldenon / 150mg Tren

    Note: He's using test cyp. Also, during the phase of his cycle where he'll be taking the Bold and the Tren, he's administering them EOD. The quantaties listed above are his total weekly amounts. Locally, the guy is well respected among juice-heads. Does this cycle make sense?

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    Looks pretty poor in design to me!

    1) dbol for only 1 week, why even bother?
    2) Decca everyother week, at 200mg, for only 6 shots? Seriously, why bother?
    3) 6wks EQ, big waste.
    4) tren dose too low, more of a waste to go EOD, needs ED for full potential
    5) keep the test dose the same throughout!

    Give him this

    1-14 700mg test/wk
    1-4 Sten
    1-8 350mg Deca /wk
    5-14 437mg Eq/wk
    11-16 50mg Tren ED
    15,16 20mg Dbol

    If he scratches his head this is what the injects look like

    wks 1-4 2ml Cyp + 0.5ml Deca EOD
    wks 5-8 2ml Cyp + 0.5ml Deca + 1.25ml EQ
    wks 9-14 2ml Cyp + 1/25ml EQ
    wks 11-16 50mg Tren ED (could be .5ml? depends)

    Im bored...

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    Thanks Billy!

    I'll send him your feedback. He'll probably be stubborn and do things his own way. That's fine with me though, because I asked the question in an effort to learn from his mistakes. The cycle that you created seems to make much more sense. In your opinion, is that an overall good cycle for strength/size gains?

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