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    Big Question

    I am 18, I train hard and have a good diet.. I eat everything it says on your page and a good amount of it.. stuff like tuna fish.. eggs. .. good carbs, proteins... all of it... I play football and was think of taking a cutting steroid such as winstrol ...for agility.. more solid physic. I know there is many people against it because of my age etc... but does anyone think it can be taken properly... lower amounts maybe? I train seriously... ------ as well I am around 6"2 175 (I wanna be about 190 before taking)

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    You can do ALOT more naturally, i dont see why you cant get to 200lbs and lean w/o any supps, a good diet and intense training. Dont start taking drugs and thinking their is some sort of magic pill.

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    wait... grow naturally and reach yer genetic potential.... research and research... a winny only cycle wouldnt do that much

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    I'm not sure which meal plan your talking about so can't comment on it, but I'm sure it's laid out well and there's no reason you can't hit your goal naturally, or well beyond that weight just depends on how far you wanna take it and adjust it

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