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    Thinking of doing a very long cycle!!Need input!!!!

    Hey bros,

    After some time away from the juice and thinking of what and when to run I finally came out with this:

    Weeks 1-5: D-bol 40mg ed

    Weeks 1-24: 750mg test cyp or enate wk

    Of course with Nolva and provrion on hand. Clomid post cycle. The will be my 5 cycle, and I've always wanted to try out a long cycle but stayed away seeing as to how I was still pretty much a new to this (that being 2 years ago).

    Ok....Heres the help that I need from anyone whos tryed this or know about long cycles. Is HCG a must?? IF so since I've never used HCG, how would I cycle it along and at what dose?? How would I use the clomid post cycle?? Same as a normal 10 week one?? What sides can expect if there any different from a normal cycle?? And one thing that worries me even though I'm not really that old is prostate probs from test for such a long time??

    I know its alot of ?? but I want to like all my other cycles go into this knowing exactly what to do and what to expect!!


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    ITs not a must, but Id say I would inject 500ius on Sat, Sun every 2 wks starting wk 8 (ie wk 8,10,12, etc) If it isnt helping at all with testicular atrophy, then Id go to every week.

    Wk 24 Id begin to run 500ius for 20days, then start normal clomid/nolva.

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    Thanks so far!!!!


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