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    Currently dieting, but what AS should I chose to build up on?

    I did my first cycle back in June and didn't have much luck on it because I was trying to both diet and build at the same time.
    I was using Test Cyp and Test Pro. I got some strength, size and I did cut up a bit.
    I decided to do the right thing. Diet off the excess gut and build from scratch!
    I'm currently 6'1", 245 and am trying to get down to about 230 or less before going back to AS and heavy lifting.
    Does this sound like the way to do it?
    What types of AS should I consider for this building cycle?
    Since I used Test Cyp and Pro already, should I try something else? Higher doses?
    I do have about 5cc or Test 400 and about 15cc of Test Suspension. I would like to probably get some deca to mix with my 400 shots since those are killers.
    Any advice?
    I would like to go back on a building cycle probably around Holloween.
    -Steve (cleverlandshark2001)

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    i say get a little more...test susp should be taking everyday at least 2 times a day...1/2cc in the am then 1/2cc in the pm is thats 100mgs a day..and i say take t-400 up to week 8-10 test susp for 3-5 weeks..deca at 300-400mgs for 10-12 weeks no lower then 8 weeks..and hit clomid 3-4 weeks after the cycle for at least 4 weeks...tell me the roids you can get and how much i make you a cycle and what are you looking for cuts/mass?but the cycle i gave you is a good one too....

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    Oh, I agree that I'm gonna need more. I will just add what I have left of the Susp and 400.
    But, how the hell am I supposed to shoot myself 14 x a week??? Are you nuts man? lol!
    How the hell do you do that?
    You said shoot the Susp. 2x per day....hmmmmmm?
    Anywayz, I appreciate the help.
    Peace out bro.

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    check youre diet program again,if u upper the cc youl just get fatter,youll hava a blood clot soon,have a blood test ,just thinking in youre health mate

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    eod with the suspension is fine if thats what you want I would go for
    500mg of sust
    400mg of deca
    600mg of EQ
    all per week
    follow with clomid if you want you can start of with four weeks of dbal at 40mg per day

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    I would go with a lot of test, cyp or enath. And add some deca or eq to the test. Test susp. is shit, you get good gains but it sucks to use. If you want to get huge add some d-bol to the test and deca for the first 4to6 weeks of the cycle. Always follow up with clomid.

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    Ultragainz- IMO I believe that T-Sus is not need everyday. It lasts for about 48 hours. And it is great for the complexion! Flame me if you like.

    cleverlandshark2001- I am in the same boat you are BUT I decided to put the size on first. (Check out "I won the Lottery Post"). I would suggest you use T-Prop and get your self some clen and t-3. Load up on the EQ and Winny if you can get your hands on it. The Eq will make you NICE and Veiny!I was doing about 600mgs a week with 300mgs of winny back in the day and my abs came out on a shitty diet. I was soooo Happy! Follow a clean diet and do cardio in the morning and you should be set.

    250 min of test (the faster acting the better)
    600 eq per week
    300 winny per week
    t-3 Do your own home work
    Clen ""
    Armidex ""
    40-30-30 P/C/F
    45 mins of Cardio in AM
    30 mins after Liftin
    Snort some Yohimbine after lunch (kiddin but not really)
    Min 1 gallon of H2O per day
    And cut the carbs out after 6pm

    And if you are going to use Deca MAKE SURE you use the Winny or you will get that puffy leat I do. I personaly think DECA sucks for what you are trying to do. Go with the EQ and you will be happier about it. Please do us all a favor and put some pictures on the board. Since we are about the same height and weight I would like to see how you look durring and after a good "Ambercombie and Fitch" cycle. I am going to post my pics tmrw after a bulking meal at Fucking Gonuts. (Bear Claws and Protien Shakes!).

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    15 the risk of being flamed..

    the BIGGEST gains you can make is when you are enabling all 4 factors.

    while AS are CERTAINLY a major player the other three are DIET, Training methods, REST REST REST!!

    I can tell you that as a bodybuilder some of the most constructive time you will have is OUTSIDE the gym.

    its about eating ALOT of calories for the AS to work off of.
    your off season diet should include red meat, lots of starchy carbs, consuming alot of water, and sleeping.

    that is the reality, that sometimes people expect too much from the AS alone.

    you would be AMAZED at how effective smaller doses/stacks will be when all four factors are worked in tandom.

    i can tell you that at 5'9", im 231 lbs. and you will be see'ing me VERY soon on the stages of top national shows and hopefully in a few years, among the pro ranks. by the way im 26 years old. and I dont take NEARLY as much as alot of the non-competitive people in my gym and all i ever hear is about how much shit people think i am taking....i assure I take VERY VERY little!

    I hope you find a little of that info informative if you didnt already know it.

    Good Luck!

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