i am21 years old and will be taking my second cycle of deca . the first time i gained about 13 pounds of quality muscle. at the end of the cycle i was retaining a good deal of water. this time around i would like to avoid this

my next cycle:
300mg/wk for 10 weeks

i hear that using proviron and nolvadex throughout the cycle i can avoid the water gain and get much harder than without the two.

i also want to avoid getting tits(i did not get them the first time when running 300wk for 8wks). most people say that the only thing that can counteract this is winstrol because deca converts into progesterone which is not combatted by nolv or prov.

i have also heard that t-3 is great for water reduction

stats: 5'10" 170lbs 8% body fat
desired result 10-15 lbs lean muscle, achieve some hardness,no tits

my final question is which of these should i take to achieve my results safely,

also i will be using cl0mid for 2 weeks starting the week after my last injection

any advice on this cyle would be greatly appreciated.

thanx alot.