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    Unhappy should I be concerned?

    I would greatly appreciate some insight into my health related matter. In June of 2001 I had some blood work done @ my Doctor's office. I figured it to be a routine check-up. I'm a very healthy fit 31 year-old male that has remained in good shape through athletics and weight lifting. To my amazement my Dr. called me with the scarry results of my test. My cholesteral level was an astonishing 11 (6 is normal)! My good chol. was too low and my bad chol. was too high. He quickly put me on medication (20mg of Lipitor) every day for the rest of my life! Talk about being scared. My family has no history of cholesteral problems.
    In March of 2001 I has just finished a 8 week cycle of Winstrol V inject. Could this have caused my cholesteral levels to sky-rocket?

    Please help,


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    it's quite possible it could

    my father takes lipitor and it works very well for him.his LDL levels went down you need ti take it , i would have to say from first hand experience that it does work well.good luck to you bro

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    Did your doc tell you to drink a couple of shots with the pills????


    Start taking garlic pills at high doses, increase your good fats (recomend Udo's Total Fat or a generic blend of Omega 3, 6, and 9s). This will lower your bad cholesterol and increase your good cholesterol. I would also throw in some fiber (metamucil, psylium seeh husks, apple pectin, etc) , cayanee pepper supplements, and lycopene (real good stuff).

    Eat clean and practice the supplement program above and you should be good to go within a month.

    Its hard to say about the Win-V. Do you know your cholesterol levels from before the cycle? And what is your diet like?

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    You should eat clean. Definitely get good sources of fiber like oatmeal, beans, fibrous veggies, Metamucil, etc. Get your protein from fish sources like tuna and salmon (which has some excellent omega 6's to help get extra good essential fats). Eat nuts as well for omega 3's, like natural penaut butter, almonds, etc. No fast food for a while my friend. Get it tested again in a couple of months when you are not using any AS. Hope it goes down dude.

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    If your having problems with your chol. winnies not the best AS you could be taking

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