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    Cycle/Stack Help needed

    What up people? I need some help on making a good solid stack. I have an unlimited supply to the following:
    Testonon 250
    Deca 300
    Anavar 5mg
    Test Cyp 200mg
    and many others, but these are what I am looking to typically use. This will be my second real cycle. My first consisted of 750mg sus and 600mg of deca for 12 weeks. I am not real sure if the sus was real, but everything I have and can get is 100% real. Anyways I am 180 pounds and just shy of 5'9. I have been lifting for about 2 years off and on but the last year I have been very dedicted along with my eating habbits. I am hoping to reach the 200 mark by winter. I really dont want to use the anadrol but maybe on a low dosage, I am not looking to use all of this. Here was my thoughts on a cycle after doing some research:]

    500mg testonon250 12wk
    400mg deca 14 wk
    15mg anavar 12
    200mg cyp 10
    maybe 10mg everyother day anadrol for 6wk

    I do have Nolvadex on hand and HCG and Clomid for my post cycle. Any advice would be of great help.

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    If I were you, I wouldn't do testanon and cyp. Just do one or the other. If you have unlimited supplies of both, I say go with the cyp. In my opinion, cyp is defenitly the way to go. good luck

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    Yes I agree Cyp is a lot better then Sustanon !

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    The original jason Guest
    well to be honest wouldnt go with your idea drop the testonon, and anavar at 15mg per day will do nothing for you its just a waist I would rather go with about 50mg per day for a shorter time to kickstart the cycle you will gain some good strength but not much if any size from it. If its only your second cycle forget the anadrol to if I was you, also hcg post cycle will only slow down recovery use it duiring the cycle one of two ways
    1. ed 500iu's weeeks 3-8
    2 weeks 8&9 500iu's ed

    thats if you would be doing a 10 week cycle I would go with something like this

    weeks 1-10 test cyp 600mg per week
    weeks 1-10 deca 400mg per week
    weeks 1-4 anavar 40-50mg ed
    weeks 8&9 hcg 500 iu's ed
    weeks 11,12,13 clomid 50mged/100mged/50mged

    I wouldnt taper at all just run straight through on all doses hope that helps


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    Thank you people, especially Jason that was the info I was looking for. I will save my sus and deca for my third cycle and go with the cyp. The thing I liked about my last cycle of sus and deca was at the end I did not lose but 2 or 3 pounds and gained 25pounds. My concern with cyp is the water retension there for losing weight when I come off. You help is well apprechited.

    Just A Thought=)

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