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Thread: Growth hormone

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    Question Growth hormone

    I'm 6'4'', and only 195 lbs. I know that is skinny, but i can't gain any size or strength, so I'm thinking of taking a growth hormone . or something along those line. What is mostly recommeded, and what would be the best cycle for me? What kind of results can I expect? thanx

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    CYCLEON Guest
    get IG - I can give u one but he is more experienced on growth than I

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    Have you used any juice yet? I wouldn't step into the world of GH without giving old anabolic steriods a try first.

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    Deffinately not HGH man. Have you read the write up on the main site? Irreversible side effects is a phrase you should remember.

    Do research. Your answers are already here. Do a search on bulking. Learn, then ask educated questions. keyword here is educated.

    Sorry man I don't want to bust your chops too bad.

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    Yep, hang out and read the posts for a little while. Check out all the research material on the main site.

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    CYCLEON Guest
    actually, GH is the juice with the least side effects of any out there! now if your using a kit a week like some pros thats a different story - but actually growth is the best stuff there is, slin tho can be pretty dangerous if you screww up - also GH shouldnt be done untill after 25yo IMO - early abuse will give bad sides.

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    Alright CYCLEON i guess ill give you this one and agree with you LOL

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    Mike Guest
    well technically GH is not a steroid and as for low sides...that's far from the truth - GH is VERY dangerous - just cause you dont get gyno or acne while ON GH doesnt mean a thing - I have seen some nasty long term effects start long after the cycle was done - like deformations of appendages etc etc - very ugly, saw this one guy got fucked up so bad on the stuff - he literally looked like cycleon's was sad

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    CYCLEON Guest
    like deformations of appendages etc etc
    - Mike I told u not to shoot that stuff into your pecker!!!! I vae never seen or heard 1 person (who is not thirteen!) taking GH in moderate doses (4-6IU) over short periods (2-3months) EVER having any problem, temporary or permanent.

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    Mike Guest
    seriously??? Hmmm...interesting - I have - honestly - I have seen adults use it - some for bbing some for HIV atrophy etc etc and a couple guys I know got hunchbacked, elongated ears, toes overgrown, it can be pretty disgusting - no I have not seen this in one 12wk 4iu/day cycle but I dont think doses in either case was over 6ius/day....

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