Whats up guys u've seen me on the board but i do not post usually in this forum cuz i am not hiiten my cycle any time soon....LOl 20 youngin here im hold in out 4 a while.

I am here becuz my boy from the gym is hitting Anadrol 75..( i told him i never heard of 75 and i think he is stuck wit 50 but idk if 75 is out there i never heard of it. he is 170-175 5'10....he is lean and wants to put on mass becuz he is going to miami next month
he was telling me what he has been eating and i didnt think he was getting enough protein For a guy with his stats how should his carbs, fats and proteins be laid out to gain lean mass his genetics are great so he told me he should stay lean and it shows that he will.

Also he was sayin he wanted to throw some cardio if he upped his level in food counts i didnt think this would be too good since anadrol is a strong formula so i said if he does keep it between 1-3days at the most

Also whats are some affects of drinkin alchol on anadrol i really didnt know but i knew it couldnt be good

u guys prob think i am moron 4 not know this **** and being on this board but this why i am here LOL thanx guys anxious to read some replys.