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Thread: eq and winstrol

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    Question eq and winstrol

    im about to strt a stack of eq and long would you guys on here suggest that cycle go for and if anything at all ......what you guys add to this....or is this basically looking for the vascul;arity and a little more size...i plan on giving myself another 4 mnths get where i want to be.....i weigh about 215 right around 12..........any suggestions???

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    A little more info could be useful bro!

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    first off no tapering!!
    second cardio, cardio,cardio!!
    third, diet ..if you want it then make a 12 week commitment.

    weeks 1 -8 400mg of eq
    weeks 3 -8 50mg winny everyday
    weeks 1&2,5&6,9&10 clenbuteral cycles work it 1 to 7 tabs max per day
    Then clomid post cycle now check the half lifes and see how your body feels then you'll know when to throw it in 50mg first week 100mg second week and third week 50mg.
    You could throw some T-3 in if you want but this is plenty

    Your not going to gain much size maybe 10lbs but fuck you'll look like cole slaw and your strength while sore

    Be careful and have fun

    Fast R

    If you want a fitted cycle post your stats and some vets could customize one for ya

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    Bump your equip up to 600mg if that your main AS

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