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    One of my boys is headed down to Panama around the middle of October and he wants to take his gear with him. How would he go about doing that? I told him to pack it in his dopp (bathroom) kit. Will the customs over there check his stuff? I already told him he could buy the stuff over there and that would be easier, but he's already got the stuff from the US.

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    Well, first it'd probably be easiest if he pre-loaded the syringes. That would could down on the amount of shit he'd have to take with him. Also, he could maybe try putting into his bathroom kit. Maybe hide it ina an empty shampoo bottle or something like that.

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    It will probably be easier to get it into Panama, but have him try to bring just enough for the time he is there. I brought stuff to Jamaica with me and had some left over. When I arrived here I went into the bathroom and flushed it because I was paranoid I would get searched. That declaration form on the plane you have to fill out had me remember everything I had left over in my suitcase. Sure enough, they went through all my luggage at the gate. Funny thing was I had a bottle loaded with vitamins, minerals, ibuprofen, aminos, ephedrine, etc. that they picked up and didn't even ask what was inside.

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