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    new cycle update

    heres my 3rd cycle update, hoping to start in mid may early june

    wk 1-4 30mgs d-bol ed

    wk 1-16 250mgs enanthate e3d

    wk 1-22 4gs Tribulus ed

    wk 5-12 75mgs fina ed

    wk 12-18 1000 i.u.'s HCG wk

    wk 18-22 nolvadex 20mgs ed and 40mcgs IGF-1

    Goal is to put on 25lbs and keep body fat around 10% until end of cycle

    Any critiques are welcome

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    How did your last cycle go bro?Never saw your final results.

    Cycle looks good...I'd bring the fina a little closer to the end of cycle..say wk 7-14.

    Your not using clomid for pct?Personally I'd start the IGF-1 right after last test shot,but that's just me.

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    Good looking cycle - keep us posted

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