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Thread: Gyno Question?

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    Gyno Question?

    If my nipple does not burn or itch does that mean I have no gyno. Is there any other way to tell. They do not sag or anything. I just want to be safe. I guess I could take nolv. 10mg throughout my cycle but that would weaken the effect to the juice.
    I take 500 mg sust a week and 300 mgs deca for 14 wks.
    I shouldn't have a problem but my next cycle I am bumping the test up to 600+mgs I just want to be ready.
    How much effect would 10mg of Nolv. take off a cycle if I took it all throughout my next cycle....Is it really worth it....

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    The itchy nipple and tenderness is the onset of gyno...they are the symptoms that gyno could occur.

    You will hear different opinions as to whether or not taking nolvadex throughout cycle is good or bad...if you are worried about it, then take it from the beginning of your cycle.

    There is lots of info you can find by using the search button. Also, with this concern you have I would encourage you to search on Ldex and Adex also.



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    Speaking from experience of having gyno, just take your nolvadex . Kind of like having sex without a condom, sooner or later if your not careful you are going to catch something and that is the risk you take from not taking nolvadex and then getting bitch tits. If you are taking high doses of anabolic steroids , you should be taking at least 20mg of Nolvadex a day but if you are taking at least 10mg, that is better than not taking any at all. Having gyno is not only costly but painful and rest assured, I will never make that mistake again of not taking any nolvadex when doing a cycle

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