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Thread: sust. question

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    sust. question

    I've just finished my second 10week cycle. I took 35mg of dball for weeks 1-4 with 500mg-test eth, and 300mg-deca for weeks 1-10. I gained about 15 lbs, and had good strenth gains, but i want more mass. For my next cycle i am thinking about doing sust. alone, maybe 750 or 1000mg/ week, since i can get sust. at a good price. Would this give me better gains or should i lower the dosage and stack it with something. I'm 5'6", 170lbs, 9%bf.

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    for a deca /test/d bol cycle 15 pounds seems a little low, unless it wasn't ur first cycle. But at ur weight i am assuming it was. What was ur diet like?

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    i would bring the sus down to 500 mg/wk and take deca at 400 mg/wk. i'm pretty sure jason wrote this cycle, but i'm not sure. look it over. i know alot of guys are gonna use this:

    weeks 1-8
    sust 500mg per week
    deca 400mg per week
    weeks 1-4
    dbol 30-40mg ed
    weeks 9,10,11
    clomid 50mged/100mged/50mged
    nolvadex on hand

    this is a mass cycle. if you can't grow on this, you can't grow! goodluck

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    if that's 15 pounds of actual keepable muscle and not water/fat- then you didn't do too bad at all. Especially if-like me- you have a tendancy to focus way more on upper body.

    If that was 15lbs total including fat/water- then diet and/or work out is the problem. Not the juice.

    test is test. IMO, I'd say stick with enth over sust. 500mg/week of enth actually gives you 500mg of test once it kicks in. 500mg/week of sust doesn't. Since there is 60mg of short lived prop.

    As for deca , 400mg/week should go great with the enth. I've had good advice from experienced bro's though that Eq is the way to go. Similar gains, but better quality muscle. And it increases red blood count and stimulates appetite.

    So I'd say 500mg/week enth plus 400 (or 600) mg Eq/week for 8-10 weeks (10 is better).

    D-bol for weeks 1-4 40mg/day. Maybe a taper down week for week 5.

    Novaldex on hand. An anti-aromatase even better. i.e liquidex.

    IMO, that will be a much nicer cycle than 1000mg Sust.

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    ArkDave.. did u remember your clomid after your cycle??

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