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    How do you take your T-3 (Liquid)

    Do you take yours all at once, or do you do your best to carry it around all day so you can split it up?
    I'm curious how everyone else does it cuz I've been doing all my ramping with one moring dose, as opposed to carrying the bottle and dropper around all day.
    However this sucks, I get amped in the AM, then crash hard in the afternoon, leaving myself lagging for my workout.

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    i've never used it bro, but from what I hear it would be best to split it up 2-3 times per day. don't take it too late in the evening though my buddy was up till 6am for a few days in a row before he changed his dose times.

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    t3 has a half life of 36 hours, I usually divide into two doses i have taken all at once on those days I couldn't carry it with me!

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