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    Is This Anadrol Real???

    I just recieved androlic anadrol 50mg from UK and the pictures i see have a straight line splitting it in half on one side and on the other it says 50.

    Mine has a strange looking object on the side instead of the 50 looks something like a dragon it looks kinda similar to the thing that is on the pink dbol pills just a bigger version.

    Is this real?
    If anyone has any pictures of it i would appriciate it thanks

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    those are androlics....probably in the top 3 best anadrol on the market.

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    I have those, if there greenish and round edges with and octagon or something raised up, and has the snake or dragon like you said, those are real. Androlic brand. I added them to my cycle taking 2 a day Ive gained about 27 pounds, but im taking much more than just that.

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    goood stuff fo sho

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