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    hehe reading the newbie guidelines

    I was reading the newbie guidelines again for the first time and I noticed something kinda funny "DO enjoy this board. YOU WILL BECOME ADDICTED TO IT!! ...Everyone here will admit to that. I KNOW I WILL!" I think I check this board like 2-4 times a day and that qualifies as an addiction. =X

    hehe anyhow, week 2 of my cycle. gained 5 lbs. i'm blowing up!

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    Mike Guest
    Good to hear bout your gains bro - and YES you become addicted - I have the board up between 6:30 in the am and 4pm then I check randomly throughout the night - it's beyond addiction's downright obsession

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    Originally posted by Mike
    - it's beyond addiction's downright obsession [/B]
    that right there is the truth all though i do not post a lot im always checking to see what you guys say and make sure you are all still here. I too am obsessed

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    I'm addicted not only to the wealth of information to be found here, but to the sense of community. We all juice, have juiced, are considering juicing or have a vented interest in juicing. That makes us all part of a common collective. I will also say, and I'm not slagging other boards, that this board has supportive, respectful and genuinely helpful members...all of whom I would call friends. Chances are none of us may ever meet but we can still offer our help and support to the bros on this board, not only in regards to AAS, but in regards to any of lifes problems, mysteries or reasons to celebrate. I belive that is what friends do.

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    im on all night and costantly hittting the refresh button hehehehe

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    Man alive, you guys are sick. I'm glad I don't have that problem. It's nice being prerfect....uh, that's the first mistake I've ever made.

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    AR Annomous

    I know what you guys mean. Maybe we need a forum for AR annomous!LOL (did I spell that right?)Kinda like an acholoic going to the liquor store for consuling.LOL

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    ptbyjason Guest
    I've blown many a weekends on this board. You can't help but visit this site when you logon to the web. I check my PMs before I check my e-mails. It's a disease I think.

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    my roomates were just talking about how much i'm on this board. is there a rehab for this?

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